Joining BIR

Thanks for your interest in joining the Brit Iron Rebels. We ask that you read the below information to learn about BIR membership. At the bottom of this page, you can click through to continue with your application.

WHAT WE ARE: The Brit Iron Rebels is a global community of members who ride and wrench on Brit iron, and celebrate the 50's and 60's Rocker/Hooligan lifestyle that originated in Great Britain. It's not exactly like that scene; it's our nod to the past — our Club's "interpretation" of the scene and its continuing evolution.

WHAT WE’RE NOT: We're not exclusive. We claim no territory. We're not an outlaw club, 1% club, gang or cult (okay, maybe we're a cult). We’re not a Brit bike owner’s club, so don’t expect that the Brit bike in your garage will guarantee your membership — it won't. But if you ride Brit iron and you're a rocker at heart, that's a damn good start.

WHERE WE ARE: You’ll find BIR members on almost every continent, so we use an online, members-only discussion forum as our global clubhouse. But wherever there's a bunch of us living within striking distance of each other, you’ll find a local group (we call them "Clans") of BIR brothers and sisters who meet, hang out, wrench and ride together.

HOW WE'RE RUN: The BIR is managed by volunteer Administrators who keep it all on track.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: All members of the BIR must:

Own and ride a running, roadworthy classic or retro-styled British motorcycle.
Be a Rocker at heart and be committed to keeping the scene alive.
Represent the BIR in a respectful and appropriate manner.
Participate actively in the online BIR discussion forum and in any local BIR events.
Complete a 3-6 month candidacy period and be invited to join.
Pay a one-time membership fee of $25 USD upon acceptance as a member.


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