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July's Bike of the Month: John's 1969 Triumph TR6R


This bike was brought home by my dad in late 1969 or early 1970, I believe. It was his daily driver on his commute to work (rain or shine) when I was a pup growing up in Florida. This bike has been rebuilt and restored numerous times over the last 37-38 years.

One picture (guess which one) shows me sitting on it when I was just a teen. This was the first motorcycle I ever rode. He taught me to ride it in a field behind an old church. I was hooked then and there. However being the rebellious teen I was, I started riding Hondas progressing to Harley-tar-dum.

When I was dehorsed by my wife after our kid was born, I spent many a gloomy day without a ride. Then one afternoon while visiting dear old (70+) dad....as I was running my fingers over this newly restored and somewhat modified family heirloom he walked up beside me and said I could have it. SPEECHLESS!!! Hold on I'm wiping a tear.

Now this 1969 Triumph TR6R that has had a complete modified going through to include: All nuts and bolts replaced with stainless, custom wiring harness, electronic ignition, 7 plate clutch (that still slips a bit), rebuilt and balanced bottom end, T140 Bonnie heads, and balanced rods pistons. Its now at 750cc.

Every time I ride over to my Dad’s place he mentions something else special he did when assembling it. He did all the work himself including the Chrysler green paint with cream stripe (sounds queer but it looks awesome in person). The major engine mods were done by a local wrench who was the 1989 AMA Supertwins roadrace champion riding a Duc. 

NOW ITS MINE!!!!!  I ride the piss out of it as often as possible, and have broken the ton almost ever ride.  This sucker is tight.

Since joining the BIR I haven't been able to hook up and ride with many of you (yet).  I did get to ride with a few of the chosen ones at last years Poison tour in Raleigh and Charlotte.  It kept up with those Hinkleys just fine.  Great time, great people.

John Fisher
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